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  • Tecate<sup>®</sup> Light

    A bold choice for those who prefer a light beer, with clear golden color, defined malt character and smooth bitterness. The fermenting process and the hops used impart a light citrus flavor and aroma, making for a truly unique light beer.

    • 110 cals.
    • 3.9% abv
    • 7.0 bu
  • Tecate<sup>®</sup> Original

    A well balanced bright golden lager beer with a malt crisp flavor, low to medium bitterness that finishes clean.

    • 141 cals.
    • 4.5% abv
    • 13.5 bu
  • Tecate<sup>®</sup> Titanium

    The perfect beer just got even better. An obsessive and demanding process that combines imported malts with temperature variations resulting in a distinctive high alcohol content with great drinkability. It's a one of a kind creation of a refreshing smooth but brave and audacious taste.

    • 194 cals.
    • 7.5% abv
  • Tecate<sup>®</sup> Michelada

    Inspired by the blended culture from the town of Tecate, Baja California and Mexico’s unique spices that delivers an authentic Michelada taste. From our home to yours.

    • 4.1% abv
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Proudly born in Mexico

All great traditions have to start somewhere. Tecate® began brewing its signature beers in the town of Tecate®, Baja Mexico over 60 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. It takes hard work to get this good. See how Tecate’s® design has evolved throughout the years.

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