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Ground view of the town of Tecate´s street at the time of the companys founding.

Nacida en
Baja California

Our History

All great traditions have to start somewhere. For Cerveza Tecate®, that somewhere is the town of Tecate, Baja California Mexico. Tecate® signature beers have been brewed for over 60 years and continue to soar today. See how Tecate’s® story has unfolded in history.


Home Brewed
in Mexico

In 1944, Cervecería Tecate® was officially born. The birth of the brewery brought a welcomed economic renaissance to the town, thanks to founder Alberto Aldrete's uncanny free spirit and rebellious determination. Aldrete perservered against the belief that a brewery could exist in the town, thus paving the way for the brand we know and love today.

Group picture of Alberto Aldrete with a group of five other businessmen.
1944 presentation of Tecate Original.

Cervecería Tecate® reached international status by beginning exporting to Asia and the US. In the US specifically, Tecate® demand grew rapidly in various states including Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.


Opening Up
New Frontiers

In the 50's, Tecate® became the second most important brand in Mexico, thanks to Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma who purchased the brewery in 1954. From humble beginnings in the small town of Tecate, to being widely recognized and respected as a formidable brand in the beer industry, Tecate® proved early on that it didin't matter where you came from, what mattered was what you brought to the table.

Sepia old picture of Tecate® brewery from a field in Tecate Baja California. Metal containers seen.
1950 presentation of Tecate Original. A special retro edition.



Tecate® has always valued innovation, even during its early days. In 1964, Tecate® launched the first ever "easy open" can in Mexico, which made a can opener unnecessary to open and enjoy a beer. This can opening design is the design still used in beer cans today.

A picture from inside the factory where the first easy open can in Mexico was made.
1960 presentation of Tecate Original. The first ever "easy open" can in Mexico.

Tecate® launched the first ever "easy open" can in Mexico, which made a can opener unnecessary to open and enjoy a beer.



The innovative spirit of Cervecería Tecate® led to the launch of Tecate® Light, the first Mexican light beer to be made and sold in Mexico.


Today, Tecate® beer is well known and respected across the globe due to its deep roots in both Mexico and the US. Tecate® continues to honor its true identity and heritage by embracing that it's both de aquí y de allá, with a true Mexican-American taste.

View from below a tower that has the Tecate® logo eagle on top.


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